It’s a slippery slope when posting feelings on social networks. If you’re not extremely careful you’ll end up looking foolish, or worse, like an angry, disgruntled misfit ready to fight anyone and everyone. I say it’s a slippery slope because I have watched it firsthand happen with some friends of mine. It may start as a single tweet, a seemingly innocent Facebook rant. But when one post turns into two, then three, the effect can quickly snowball until you have nothing but an angry social profile.

This aggression drives people away. I was recently told I was in error on twitter. Within seconds I was then told again that I shouldn’t argue because this person knew best and I was unequipped to respond. My immediate response was to feel affronted that they would speak to me this way, then I laughed, then I shook my head. As I had been noticing this behavior was a growing trend with this person. In fact, I had almost reached out to them privately just two days earlier to mention it but did not. Now…well, now I don’t care. That aggressive display has diminished my interest in helping them. It’s driven me away.

I sincerely believe this person’s heart is in the right place, but the aggressive nature with which they responded was just one more layer on the snowball. One more slip down the slope. Perhaps I’ll reach out in the future; hopefully I won’t get my head bitten off.