As most people know I write a lot. I like writing and expressing myself through words. But sometimes there’s more purpose to your writing. Maybe there are things you need to share with your audience or a specific action you want to drive people to perform. Whatever the reason I think there’s also another reason which sometimes gets overlooked. The ability to “talk up" your next release. I recently saw this from Symfony on their blog,

This blog post shows perfectly several of the things I think are important to blogging. The first thing is that this type of blog post is not uncommon for Symfony and is done frequently on their blog. Secondly, they make it very easy to see the code through the use of a code prettifier. This means it’s easy to read actual code which has been included in the blog. Third, they do a great job of focusing on and featuring the individual who contributed the code. Not just a hyperlinked name and commit number but also a picture. This is a great way to show recognition to someone that’s contributed and volunteered to Symfony.

In open source communities especially where progress is made by the volunteer contributions from the community little things like an active blog with detailed information of what’s coming next and a highlight of the contributors is pure gold. Bravo to Symfony for this work and I hope other communities pick up on this effort and do the same.