I have an important question for you. It’s an easy one to answer quickly but instead I want you to think about it just a little bit longer and be more introspective than you normally might be. Are you ready? Here it is.

How big is your bucket?

That’s it. An easy question but the answer says a lot about you, your ambitions, and your future. Let me explain. Think of your bucket as the sum of your opportunities. This bucket holds every potential venture, the communities you are a part of, and every skill or talent you possess. The size of your bucket depends on each of these items. The more you expand your horizons, improve your skills, or increase your involvement in various communities the bigger your bucket will be and the greater your odds for success will be.

The bigger your bucket the more “chances" you have for success. (although we know it’s not chance). Don’t be so narrowly focused, single-minded, or lacking interest in new things that you make your bucket tiny. The less you push yourself and increase your skills or knowledge the smaller your bucket will be.

Ask yourself this question…how big is your bucket?