Competitors are hard to define in certain markets. Some companies may offer similar services but not identical. Or they may offer the same services but in completely different ways. Mautic struggles with this dilemma in a couple ways. Mautic offers marketing automation tools. While there are others who offer these marketing automation services there are some very large and glaring differences. There are two obvious differences quite easy to spot.

First, unlike any other marketing automation software Mautic is completely and 100% totally free. There are no monthly costs, no recurring charges, no bills. This makes it a bit harder to call the other companies competitors. They clearly cannot compete with the price of Mautic.

Second, Mautic is provided as a no-strings-attached downloadable platform. Users and companies can download the software and configure it to run on their own servers wherever they might choose. This can be done internally on intranet networks or publicly on the servers of their choosing. This is completely different from the closed source SaaS-only model provided by existing marketing automation services.

This differential is almost like comparing apples to oranges. If the products are similar in service offering but not in manner of distribution, price, or even availability of the underlying code infrastructure are they truly competitors?

Perhaps the correct answer is therefore that Mautic has no direct competition and stands alone as a leader and disruptor in the marketing automation space.