I could hardly believe my eyes when I opened up my twitter feed and saw our logo, the Mautic logo, the logo we had spent countless hours slaving over, going back and forth with the designer working out each minute detail. We had poured our time and our emotions into this logo. We loved this logo. And yet, here, in my feed was our logo…and yet it wasn’t our logo. This one was different. This one was in a hideous distortion. The shape was horribly misshapen and the proportions were all wrong. And it was fuchsia. The proportions our designer had spent hours manipulating to ensure each stroke was the correct height, each point forming at just the right spot. Here they sprawled as if viewed in a circus mirror. I was shocked. I was appalled. I was devastated. I shared it instantly with everyone else in our community and in silence we sat and wondered what we should do next.

I almost couldn’t bear to show the designer of this horrible and blatant copy. This was her work - stolen. When at last I forced myself to bring up the image I waited as she sat and looked at it. First came disbelief, then quickly followed her scramble to verify and validate her initial file creation and the proof that her work, our work, our wonderful and beautiful logo was an original creation. Once this was settled the anger smoldered. She jokingly said, if they were going to steal our logo the least they could have done is stolen it and made a good one! This was a travesty. This was wrong in every sense of the word.

I can’t begin to express the frustration and disappointment that such a large and reputable firm would have done so little background research on their crowdsourced design. Were they completely oblivious to the dangers of this type of design work? Evidently they had done no research, no quick searches, nothing to verify their $799 logo creation was unique. Instead they plunged into branding everything with this shameful knock-off.

Eventually we spoke on the phone, and again I was disappointed. They denied the possibility of having accepted a piece of stolen art. They told us we should change our brand since they were bigger and were in the middle of rebranding. I could hardly believe my ears. A stolen, poorly done copy of our original work and we were being asked to completely redo our entire image and brand simply because they were the bigger company. This shouldn’t be. This should never be.

We are waiting now to see what the next steps will be. I hope this company will demonstrate their ethics. I trust they will acknowledge the many points of failure in their design process and how they acquired their copied logo. I want to believe the best in them and their company. But for now we wait. I’ll be sure to update you as we hear more.