The power of the crowd is an incredibly driving force. As a community manager I talk a lot about how the community is stronger than an individual and how working together people can do far more than they ever could alone. But there’s another aspect of crowds which demonstrates its power. Conferences. Whenever you see a conference reach critical mass, or the tipping point, you witness the power of the crowd. Suddenly it doesn’t matter what the conference is about or where the conference is being held. You could hold a conference in November in Dublin (undoubtedly a somewhat chilly selection) and yet still see 20,000+ people turn up. They may not necessarily care about the venue or the topic of the conference but when the attendee list has grown to that size the power of the crowd kicks in and regardless of the personal interest the conference is a “must-attend" event. Now speaking personally I am thrilled to attend the Web Summit this year in Dublin. And I do have many reasons for being here beyond just because this is where the crowd has gathered.

But as I sit here and watch people pour into town and see the atmosphere in the town change it’s easy to see how the power of the crowd is a moving force. Don’t underestimate what this power can mean for your business, your startup, your idea. Don’t underestimate what this can do for you.