I’m not sure many people understand how excited I am about what is about to happen. The business world is about to experience a new dawn. The old stuffy marketing software regime of the last decade is about to be overthrown. No longer will it be only the Fortune 500 and the deep-pocket conglomerates able to use the advanced tools found in marketing automation.

Mautic is the light on the horizon. Mautic is the future. Open source, free marketing automation available to every business regardless of their size. Equality for every organization. The first rays of this new dawn are breaking across the horizon and shining the light of hope on the businesses of tomorrow. Through the cold streets of the vaulted and lofty towering mega corporations the bright arrow of sunlight pierce.

Yes, I’m being poetic. I don’t apologize. It’s exciting. It’s revolutionary. It’s a game changer. Mautic creates a new business world where every business has equal opportunities for success and those who offer the best solutions, products and services succeed instead of the companies with the deepest pockets. A new day is coming to our corporate world. A free and open source day.