Whenever there is a large group of individuals involved in decision making there becomes this unspoken tedium which unfolds. Some people make decisions and move on. They are motivated by action and by seeing things move forward. Sometimes they make the wrong decision. In this case the biggest fault of these individuals is not correcting the course when they see a decision has been made wrongly. This however is easily done with proper attention. I would consider these people to be in the minority. The majority would rather discuss a situation, turn it around and discuss it some more. They find comfort and solace in feeling productive by talking about something and yet effectively delaying making a decision which might be a painful process. The fear of making a decision can be mitigated by discussion the situation repeatedly. In this way there is an inner feeling of activity without having to actually do something.

When these discussions continue and no action is taken the result is death to the community or organization. The inability to make a decision or take action (should action be the most appropriate plan) results in a slow and steady decline. Those individuals willing to make changes, make decisions, and implement change will move on to other communities, other organizations where true activity is undertaken and progress is made. The remaining community will sit, like the frog in the boiling pot of water, slowly cooking itself to death.