I love automating processes and making things simple. I love improving processes and streamlining things. I guess this is why I am so fond of the concept of drip campaigns when talking about marketing automation. These dripflow campaigns are a great way to simplify marketing and save tons of time. I never understood the term until I started looking long and hard at marketing automation. Once I figured it out I was hooked.

Here’s a very quick idea of drip flow campaigns and why I love them. These are campaigns which you define and setup events ahead of time. Think of this like a dripping faucet. Not the constant drip, but rather the drip that is steady, sometimes intermittent. not sure if the drop will fall. This is the essence of these campaigns. They are unobtrusive and yet intermittent and consistent points of contact with potential leads. It’s not annoying or too frequent. And yet continually putting your business information in front of potential customers.

It works quite easily. Define time periods, specific dates, or other triggers when you want your “touch points" (or drips) to occur. Those touch points might be emails, social media post, or something else. The point is you set all these up ahead of time and then leave them. When a lead is placed in one of these campaigns they get the information on the schedule you defined earlier automatically. It’s awesome. It saves tons of time. And it’s still a personal experience.

If you’ve never tried drip flow campaigns and marketing automation you should take a look at them. Mautic is a great way to start because it’s free marketing automation and doesn’t cost anything to use. Get started. Discover the power of the drip.