Recently I heard about the emails of Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, being exposed as part of the Sony hack. Of course it’s a big deal and everyone is talking about and analyzing everything he’s written and there are probably more opinions then actual emails shared. But the story did get me thinking. What if my emails were made public. What would my emails say about me? What would the analysts and media companies think of me and my business sense as a result.

Sometimes I think we get caught up with the false sense of privacy with our emails. In a social world where everything is about sharing and open communications email has remained a perceived bastion of secrecy and private communication. Of course this is not true and as this recent breach reveals emails can be made quite public. This makes me stop and consider how should my email habits change? Maybe not. But if I knew my emails would be made public record would I handle situations differently? Would I respond with more grace and character? I hope not. I believe this reflects on your character.

Character is often defined as what you are when no one else is around. What does your email character look like? Would you be ok if your emails were made public overnight? Would you wish you’d said things differently or responded differently? Something to think about.