To use a commonly popular meme/phrase, nothing grinds my gears like the person who believes they are the expert in the room on everything. The mindset that somehow they have arrived and are therefore qualified to speak on every subject as the authoritative source of truth is a dangerous and debilitating sickness.

I recently read a list of the top 7 habits of incredibly smart people and I was struck by one in particular which says:

2. Consider yourself the least informed in the room.

This goes directly against the mindset of the self-proclaimed “expert" that I spoke of previously. So I take those cases of braggadocio and unrequested “advice" as a reminder of the trap I want to be careful to never fall victim to. If you’re one of those people maybe take a moment and consider the benefits of being humble and restrain yourself the next time you feel like patting yourself on the back and standing as the unequivocal “best at everything" personality.