It seems to me that the older I get the more aware of those things that I don’t know. Looking back I see times when I thought I was fairly well-established in my knowledge and confident in my abilities. I would mistakenly assume that even if I was unfamiliar with something I could certainly learn how to do it and complete the task with ease.

I still maintain that attitude and would never discourage someone from being confident in what they know there is something that goes along with that mindset now. Now I realize more the benefits of an expert. By an expert I mean someone who has spent far more hours on a particular skill or ability then I have ever done.

Yes, I can learn how to do it. Yes, I still wholeheartedly believe anything my mind can conceive I can achieve. But accompanying that thinking is now a new thought. An appreciation for the expert’s knowledge. And as I get older it becomes even more evident.