When you pour your life into something like I have with Mautic for the past 4 years you understand the nervousness and extreme anxiety which accompanies the request to write a public review. This has been something you have lovingly nurtured, cared for, sweat over, and probably cried over on more than one occasion. Your baby is about to be offered up for the general population to take and analyze, scrutinize, and possibly tear apart. It is a terrifying feeling.

And yet there is a sense of eager anticipation. This is the moment you’ve been working for. This is a momentous occasion and milestone along the road to success. Regardless of the amount of fear you feel, you must continue along this path. Feedback is helpful, feedback provides the information you need to continue to improve.

Lastly, feedback gives you an outsider’s impression. This is what your software looks like to someone who has not been living with it for the past however long you’ve been working on it. You need to seek out this feedback. Your idea needs this feedback. Don’t fear feedback. Find it.