I’ve seen firsthand the problems with a community where there is no identified leader. Everyone is stuck looking around trying to determine who is in charge. Transparency and openness are feigned by the gaps in the fence. Who makes the decisions and who is on the inside. I’ve struggled as I tried to lead within a community where others thought I was on the inside. There is no possibility of leadership where there is no possibility for authority. Leading by example is doing. This is not as much leading as it is doing the work yourself. Obviously this is not leading and is highly limiting to future growth.

Again, as I’ve shared time and time again, there is no such thing as a leaderless community. These are in fact the most dangerous. Everyone knows there is a leader, silent or otherwise. Sometimes the silent leader is the loudest voice. They may shout and proclaim their denial as leader and yet every action, every discussion, every opportunity points to their personally held belief in their own right to rule.

In these situations everyone else is caught on the outside, looking through the fence at the players. Watching to see who is in charge and who is calling the shots. Seeing the outcomes but unable to be involved despite the apparent “openness" of the fence. Don’t be foolish. Don’t waste time. If you can’t find a way to cut a hole in the fence (or better yet tear the fence down) and make a way for leaders to be clearly identified and thus allow everyone an opportunity to play….move on.

Don’t grow old peeking through the chainlink fence of an obscure community pretending to be open.