Have you ever left something behind? Whether via phone, tablet, or even your laptop it can be a heart-stopping realization to find that you have forgotten something. If you have experienced this gut-wrenching problem then you’re familiar with the flesh that rushes to your cheeks and the panic which ensues as you try to remember where you left your item.

In the world today we live on our electronic devices, we track our bank information, and every personal detail via our electronics. This means we have to be extra careful about the security of our devices. We need to be sure we do not leave ourselves vulnerable should something be left behind. I will be the first to admit fault. I struggle with setting passwords on my phones, I find it to be a tedious time suck to have to enter a mobile password every time I wish to use my phone.

But I would like to encourage you as I encourage myself, to be alert, attentive, and vigilant to secure your electronic devices. It only takes one time, one lost phone, one forgotten bag, and your world can be turned upside down. Set a password and set your mind at ease. The half second it takes to enter a password is nothing compared to the hours of heartache you will experience if you lose your device.