I am thinking non-stop. By thinking I mean idea-generating. Everyone thinks (well, almost everyone) so I’m not referring to thinking in that sense. I mean problem-solving, new-business, great-idea type of thinking. It makes my wife laugh because I’m always coming up with other ideas and new opportunities. But as I get older there are some lessons I’m learning. Since this is my short form blog I’m going to sum it up very briefly and leave it for my main blog to expand on this further at some point in the future.

Don’t chase every idea.

Sounds obvious but that simple 4 word sentence is one of the hardest that I struggle with constantly. Ideas are easy to come by. The energy, effort, and seriously hard work required to turn each of these ideas into a real product is where the rubber meets the road. This is what makes something valuable. Sure the idea is great but the work to make it something is what generates value.

I don’t have an unlimited amount of time. Since I don’t have unlimited resources I have to focus my energy, my time and my work. I have to be selective. I can’t chase every idea that runs through my brain. So I write them down, I keep an idea book (greatest thing ever, if you don’t have one you should). And then I move on with what I’m working on. I may come back to that idea, I may not. But the lesson to take away is that ideas are fantastic, but don’t chase each one. Don’t get side-tracked and lose focus.