Do you talk without observing the other person? I tend to maybe go to the other extreme of over-analyzing the body language, the facial expressions, or the eye movements of the person I’m speaking with. I use visual queues to determine if what I’m saying is interesting and the conversation is worthwhile. Sometimes I see people who completely neglect this practice. It’s critical to be in-tune with the other person.

If you talk without observing the response you’ll neglect important things like when to stop talking, when to change the subject, or when maybe even to walk away. Obviously this is much harder to do when you’re not talking with someone face-to-face but it’s still possible to do. Businesses especially should be careful of abusing social media by blasting their message into the faces of their potential customers without regard for the response. You must be in-tune with your audience. You must watch for the tell-tale signs of interest or disinterest.

I know I’ve written on this subject before but it struck me this morning how infrequently most people tend to think about their audience. It is seemingly so easy to get wrapped up in the sharing of their own story they completely forget that what they are saying should be of interest to their audience as well. Stay in-tune with others when talking; it will only make you a better communicator.