What do you have planned to accomplish in a day? Do you set daily goals? I find that I tend to make lists. I used to be obsessed with creating lists on paper. I am proud to say I’ve been able to finally move fully into the digital age and now create my lists on the computer or my phone. I love lists. These lists help me define what I want to accomplish. I will often put more things on the list then I know I’ll be able to accomplish in a single day. I don’t stress about that. Instead I make my lists disposable. By creating this type of “throw-away" list each day I do a couple of things.

First by making my lists temporary, or insignificant, by tossing them out each day and starting fresh the next morning I psychologically train myself to not stress over any one particular item. This is not my last will-and-testament. This is not the ultimate list that must be done or my life is over. By taking away the importance of the actual list I add importance to the items found on the list. I may make a list exceedingly long or I may make a 3 item list. Either way I know I have just today to try and accomplish as much of them as I can. Tomorrow is a new day.

Secondly, by stripping the stigma of written-in-stone lists and trashing them each day I force myself to think about each item on the list the next day. If I make a fresh list each day (or multiple times a day) I have to continually keep things in my mind from the list. Almost without thinking about it I am mentally memorizing the things that need to be done. I am placing things on the list each day and training my mind to think through everything I have to do.

Yes, I like lists. Lists may not be your thing but I’d recommend giving them a try. You may find yourself being more organized and getting more done each day, with less stress and no pressure. Go on, give it a try.