I have been running a variety of Twitter tests lately and the results have been extremely interesting. I’m exploring a variety of marketing tactics, best practices, and other interesting concepts to determine most profitable, best interaction, and highest return on investment. The results I’ve uncovered so far have been incredibly interesting. I’ll be writing a full report up on my big blog when I’m done with the various tests but I couldn’t help but leak just a single screen shot which shows an interesting aspect.

Twitter Campaign

This was a very, very short campaign run on Twitter. Here the various platforms were inspected. Needless to say I was a bit surprised by the result pattern. iOS quite clearly dominates this particular campaign. The topic was of course marketing and open source and the regions selected were only US and UK.

I do think the region was important to this outcome but still I was surprised to see how far down the list the desktop displayed. We are most definitely a mobile society. I wonder also if there is a dominance of iOS users on Twitter. I’ll learn more as I look at other results. Stay tuned to see what I uncover and the conclusions I attempt draw.