Startups to me are like a game of chess. You must be calculated in your movements. You must anticipate the response and reactions of others. You’re not only making a single move but also estimating and thinking ahead what the next 3,4,5 or more moves will be as a result of the move you’ve just made.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget the big picture when you’re in the middle of a game. You may stress over the loss of a pawn or worry about a particular situation but don’t let that worry keep you from focusing on your objectives. Protect your queen. Your queen is what is important. I see your queen as the why you are doing what you do. You must protect and guard the why you are doing what you do. This is the purpose, the reason, the central core of your startup. Don’t lose it.

You use the various other pieces in your business, including your king, your leader, to protect and defend your startup. You must make strategic moves and use everything you know to be successful. This is the most thrilling game you’ll ever be a part of. Don’t lose heart, don’t give up.

Oh, by the way…it’s your move.