Be cautious when you spend time around negativity. I've watched great things fall apart because some people like to be the Eeyore in the crowd and rather than focus on the good thing or even the situation as a whole they merely look for ways to be depressed or pessimistic and pointing at faults. That's a sad life. I really do feel sorry for those people who only look at the negative side of life. What a depressing existence.

Of course things are not perfect. Of course there are problems, injustices, wrongs, and difficulties. That's part of life. I neither excuse nor condone them. There are social problems, conflicts, and hurts which must be corrected. There are a litany of things in life which as a result of human behavior are morally and spiritually reprehensible. But if you find yourself surrounded by people who only ever focus on the negative aspects of life. They move from one negative situation to a next. They don't seek to make a difference through positive change but rather sit back and expect someone else to lead. This is not leading, this is not helping. This is not improving our world. This is negativity. If you find yourself surrounded by this type of person be careful. Be very careful.

Your mood, your outlook, and your world view is shaped by those around you and the disease of negativity (without action) is highly contagious. Be positive. Again that's not foolish blind 'happiness' - rather it's a distinct focus on finding ways to change a bad situation, by taking action, by doing. By being the change you want to see in the world; and not just talking about it.