I know you’re looking at the picture and you’re seeing the word passion and you are instantly thinking of the romantic form of the word. But I’m referring to a different type of passion. I’m referring to the passion you show for a belief, an idea, or even a job. Although I must admit when you’re passionate about your job it’s hardly a job at all.

Recently I was reviewing a few resumes and potential new team members and what I began to see was the importance of passion. I don’t care what field you came from or what job you did to earn money. I care about what you are passionate about. What gets you excited and what makes you smile. That is what really matters. If you are looking for a job but you’re not looking to do something you love or something you’re passionate about then you won’t be happy and you won’t find fulfillment in your work.

It’s a gift really. A gift of passion that you wrap up and present to those you’re working with and the job you’re working on. And there are few things which are as incredible as working with someone who has that gift. Find your passion. Wrap that passion up and give it away to what you love. As the saying goes. Do that and you’ll never work a day in your life.