I’ll probably write several articles on resolutions (it’s only appropriate as we get ready to start another year). This first post though is in regards to your personal health and fitness. I’ve read dozens of blog articles, fitness magazines, and of course a myriad of startup blogs on the subject. For some reason though the idea of fitness in the startup life is a difficult one to grasp.

I know I’ve personally struggled with this idea for the longest time. Previously I would read the articles, understand the importance and then continue the same day-to-day routine as always. This last year though I actually did something about it. I made a resolution to be more fitness-conscious. I ran a marathon, I visited the gym ridiculously frequently and paid close attention to what I ate.

I have to admit this was a resolution I was unsure about at the beginning of the year. It took what I thought to be a significant amount of time. However, I will be doing it again this year. This one resolution was one of the greatest I have ever made. There is no way to describe how big a difference this has made in my life. If you are still unsure or think the time invested is too much to spend I encourage you to do it. It absolutely is worth every second. My time is used more effectively. My mind is more clear. My health is better.

Make the resolution. You’ll be glad you did!