Some people are naturally opposed to others. I’ve noticed it’s not any one particular thing. It’s almost as if they have two different personality types and those two types are just going to forever clash. Neither has essentially wronged the other person and they certainly don’t harbor any resentment against them for a particular incident. And yet the animosity remains. This poses a challenge when these two personality types are forced to work together. They bring their own unique skills and abilities to a community where they both thrive within their own right. However when there comes a time for these two types of people to interact with each they just can’t do it. They argue, they debate, they fight. They never come to agreement and they will never come to a resolution (without intervention).

When this becomes evident it takes one of these two people to recognize the problem and figure out a solution. What this means is finding an alternative way to handle the situation. It may be the perfect cause and well-suited for both people, but it is the wrong person (people). Don’t let personality conflicts keep great things from happening. Identify those times when the problem is something other than the discussion and find a way to work together.