I have been telling people recently how the best way to build an organization or business is through a team of experts. Not a family as some people like to say. I do have a family. I love them. Regardless of their flaws, mistakes, shortcomings and failures - I love them. No matter how bad things get and how gross their failures might be, even to my personal and bodily harm, they are my family. Always.

The people I work with are extraordinary at what they do. They are experts, leaders, and skilled. I respect them, I trust them. I believe in sticking by them through thick and thin, but they are not my family. They are part of a team. They don’t hurt just me, they hurt the team, if benching them, or removing them from the team is best for the team…then that must be done. It’s not about me. It’s about the team. Not a family, but a team. Together as a team we can accomplish incredible things. The best person fills the chair. Not because they are family and thus they get a seat (that’s actually pretty frowned upon and has a name! Nepotism.) but because they are the best.

Event the best make mistakes at times, but they are held accountable for them. And if they hurt the team enough they must be let go. Overall, this is best for everyone. We’re not a family, but we are a team and we can do amazing things.