I hear the soft pad of your footfall from down the hall before I see you. Your quiet, tiny step barely audible as you appear in the doorway before me. Your stunning beauty commands attention. And just like that, in a moment you captivate and control the situation. I’ve always loved this look, your giant, over-sized grey hoodie. So comfortable, at ease, relaxed. Your soft, slender frame hidden beneath the calming, weighted folds of cotton. I sit back in stunned silence, my breathing paused, you are mesmeric. It matters not whether the moment be our first or our fiftieth. My heart races uncontrollably as you slowly, surely make your way across the room. Your calm, deliberate approach the exact opposite of the amatory pounding in my chest. A shy half smile appears before spreading like warm honey across your lips forming an exquisite smile; alluring, speaking volumes without a word. You find me and sink casually, perfectly into the couch, into my arms, into my soul. An instant calm sweeps over me and in an instant my life is completed. You lean back into my chest as I accept the full weight of your life, a strong, firm pressure, reassuring, re-confirming your place in perfection. Deep breath.

I smell the sweet scent of your skin and involuntarily my eyes close refusing to allow any other sensation into this moment. And in this moment time stands still. The world pauses. Watches. Wishes. I breathe in, breathe deeply, and force myself to start the world turning again. We love these weekend trips, these momentary escapes. The gentle staccato rain taps random I love you’s on the tin roof overhead. The rolling grey clouds move effortlessly, silently sneaking among the mountain tops outside the great window. This, our hidden oasis. Our respite from the hustle. Our haven from the hurry. Here in our hideaway our souls find sanctuary. And so we recline, resting against each other, each finding our soulmate, the satisfaction, the serenity of a filled self. Here we would stay forever. Here we lay hold on a minute, seize an hour stolen from forever. Deep breath. Listen to the sound, experience the smells, capture every view, let every sense be held in rapt wonder. This perfect calm, profound peace, powerful promise all made true.

Rest. Enjoy the moment, for tomorrow the world awaits. Tomorrow the next adventure begins.