It’s funny to think about trying to be different…just like everyone else. When every brand is competing for time and attention of the end user it becomes almost laughable to see how everyone jockeys to be the expert. They want to share their successes (some are bold enough to share failures) but everyone wants to be the standout. Everyone wants to be different. The funny thing is they want to be different in the same way.

The truly daring, the truly brave are the brands, the companies, the people which boldly step out and do something unique.

They don’t look around them first to see what others are doing, they don’t hesitate because of what others might think. They do. They make the path instead of walking it. These are the true standouts. These are the names that will stick in someone’s head forever. If you want to truly stand out then think outside the box. Don’t just be different like everyone else. Stand out by standing for something. Be passionate, be bold, be daring.

Follow your heart and not everyone else.