Calling it as I see it. Beware this is a personal opinion piece. I know some may find it controversial and would love to raise objection but my case is strong. There is a frustrating habit I've seen where people attempt to circumvent a discussion by raising a variety of straw-man arguments (i.e. distracting from the purpose of the discussion). Often this is under the guise of wanting openness or transparency. Sometimes the claim is made that all facts are not yet known and therefore an individual cannot make an opinion of their own.

I have a simple response. Don't make excuses or claim to not understand. Learn. Seek out the answers, but do it the right way. Not a blanket call for others to share their thoughts. Get into the fray, dig in directly and ask specific questions, give your resulting thoughts. Do actual discussions. The false pretense of wanting "public discussion" when done in this way is merely an excuse to stir up strife and distract from the original discussion. Don't stir up strife.