I have noticed a trend that seems to plague any business doing well and dominating a particular market. Some of the more notable include Facebook and Apple. These popular mega-companies which have massive user bases and large audiences tend to be the first ones to get the surveys discussing the widespread, mass departure of users. It’s almost laughable to see the blog posts and articles as they cycle through the internet.

Look at one of the most recent survey announcements with a popular title - Survey Says: Teens Hate Facebook. If you read the article you’ll notice that they are discussing Facebook’s “decline" with younger audiences. According to the survey, only 88% of teenagers use FB.

That’s right, 88%. 88% of the entire market space…and yet the title says they “hate" Facebook. I think this is a perfect example of sensationalism in journalism. What lesson can we pull from this? Well, I think it proves you can’t always trust every survey, or every blog post. But of course you already knew that…right? If you’re on the top of a market you can be sure you will get this same kind of blogging about you.