Apologizing is ridiculously hard at times. It involves admitting personal failure. It involves humbling yourself and asking forgiveness from someone else. Our human pride hates to admit fault. We don't want anyone to see a weakness or area where we have not been absolutely "on point".

And yet we all screw up. We're human and we make mistakes. We snap at people inappropriately. We lash out in frustration or hurt and offend someone else. We wrongly blame someone or we abuse a relationship. This is to be expected. None of us are perfect. None of us go through this life without mistake. Rather than pretending to be right in every situation we should do the hard thing and ask forgiveness. Contrary to what we may feel inside this does not make us weak. This confession makes us stronger. It opens us up to others and shows we acknowledge our shortcomings and we are interested in growing and improving ourselves. Admitting failure and asking forgiveness helps others to realize we understand our lack of perfection and acknowledge when we have wronged someone else.

Is this an easy thing to do? No. Does it go against our self-preservation and our desire to be right in all things? Yes. Is this behavior critical for our relationships and personal growth? Yes. We must be willing to do the hard thing. Have you wronged someone? Be quick to ask forgiveness. Be quick to admit an oversight or an unjust accusation. Maybe someone has wronged you. Be open and be accepting. Show your willingness to accept an apology and restore a relationship. Be welcoming and make yourself a friend. Remember there will come a time when you will probably need to offer an apology to them as well.