I know, I know, this is similar to some of my other rants but it continues to vex me as I see those certain individuals so full of pride and self-worth that they fail to acknowledge that others may know more or be more informed. It’s frustrating to watch as they parade themselves around writing condescending posts and crafting careful replies ensuring they always come off as having the upper hand. It’s not weakness to admit failure. It’s not a fault to be less than perfect. No one is perfect, we all know that fact. So when someone pretends they are, couches every statement in such a way as to imply superiority and/or perfection it does nothing more than annoy others. In effect this behavior does the very opposite of the intended effect. Rather than seeing this person as they want to be seen it leaves them looking shallow, prideful, and full of themselves. Instead of making them look great it makes them look little.

Be humble. Admit shortcomings. Listen more than talk. Learn from others. These are the steps to being truly great.