Many businesses are unfamiliar with the concept and implementation of marketing automation. They may have heard the term but quickly dismissed the thought without exploring the software or opportunities it might provide. I’m not surprised by this as the topic can sound intimidating and a bit like a tough nut to crack. But I can almost guarantee that within a short 15 minute spiel I can open your eyes to the value of marketing automation. The possibilities are huge and the opportunities to improve a business are endless.

Marketing automation is not hard to understand and is not a scary topic. In fact, marketing automation can be very personal, very specialized, and an incredible way to increase your business. Mautic as a free and open source marketing automation tool gives every business the opportunity to implement the cutting edge tools previously only available to those companies with the deepest pockets and time.

You can do marketing automation. You can create landing pages, and forms, and setup email campaigns and its easy to do when you have a community of others working with you to be successful. I love sharing how to improve your business. I love sharing how to implement marketing automation to improve business. It’s not hard. It’s exciting!

The next time you think you’ve come across a nut too hard to crack. Stop and give it a chance. You never know. It might be the one thing that improves your business and skyrockets you to success.