Just for fun I wanted to provide another update on the Twitter campaign being run right now and another outcome I've seen as this experiment runs. As a reminder to those that have not read the previous post. I'm doing some deep, in-depth testing of the new analytics tools being offered by Twitter and how they relate to SEO and outcome driven marketing.

In the screenshot below you can see sheer follower increase as it relates to overall impressions. Also in this graph you'll notice an initial spike followed by a gradual lessening in impressions over time. Eventually it begins to pick up again as the campaign progresses. I believe this is indicative of an initial high traffic push done by Twitter to encourage advertisers to pour more money into their campaigns to continue achieving this higher level of results.

I would also notice the ration of follows to impressions on this campaign are significantly higher than on previous campaigns I believe this effect is partly attributes to the number of users already following an account.

I think this will be interesting to continue observing after an additional week of traffic and see if the ratio grows or lessens as well as if the overall number of impressions will increase again or begin to level off at a steady number.

Stay tuned and I'll keep posting updates!