If you live in tech like I do then you are already well aware of wearable technology. In fact wearable technology may no longer be considered the future of tech because were so far along already. Recently I was asked to look forward into the future of Mautic, the open source marketing automation tool, and what it might look like in the next 4 to 5 years. It got me thinking about what the future of technology in general might look like.

While I do see that wearable technology is the future, I think we have not yet as a society understood the ramifications of this. As I looked at how marketing automation will change due to wearable technology I realized were moving quickly beyond the web in the sense that we know it today. No longer will the web be considered something that you look at in a browser at a computer or on your phone. Instead the web will merely be an extension of our lives.

It may sound a bit intimidating to think of an always on, always connected world; but in reality this will make life much easier in many different ways. Marketing automation will certainly be changed. Instead of having to rely on users activity in a browser whether that be on the phone, or a tablet, or a computer, we will instead be able to have much more detailed information. Consider the case of beacon technology. It is possible now for your phone to alert you of a deal when you enter a store because of a listening beacon in the store. Projecting this technology out further we can see how your watch may communicate who you are and where you are to this beacon.

The store can use this information to send you targeted specials, coupons, and ads. Now stores will build profiles on potential customers not just from their online behavior but also their real-life behavior. Just the future may be somewhat intimidating and the idea of being always connected may feel a bit intrusive; but I believe the result will be a much smoother, less in your face advertising, and an overall better experience.

I don’t know what the future of technology will look like, but I do know that Mautic will be ready to offer an open, transparent, marketing automation platform.